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Netflix boosting original Chinese drama

Besides commissioning a new Taiwanese drama series, Netflix will also premiere the award-winning film "Dear Ex" on its global platform this month

Netflix has announced the production of its second Mandarin series, Triad Princess, in Taiwan, as part of its plan to expand investment in Mandarin content.

Triad Princess is another original Mandarin drama series Netflix has commissioned in the region, following Nowhere Man. 

Starring Jasper Liu and Eugenie Liu, Triad Princess will be directed by Neal Wu, known for his popular Taiwanese literature and for his movie At Cafe 6. The filming of the series will take place in Taipei and Kaohsiung. 

Wu said: “You may have known my literary works, music and movies, yet participating in this drama series is a next-level challenge for me.

“I am excited to work with a global partner such as Netflix, and I believe our creative co-efforts will inspire unexpected chemistry.”

Besides commissioning the new Mandarin drama, Netflix has also announced that the Mandarin-language film Dear Ex will premiere globally on the subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) platform this month. 

Dear Ex brings to the screen a story of diverse and sometimes conflicting family values in a refreshing and fascinating way that marks a departure from conventional Mandarin films.

Written and directed by Mag Hsu, the film has won multiple awards across Asia, including Best Feature Film at the Taipei Film Festival as well as Best Director at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2018.

“From the themes and cast to the decision to land on Netflix as our global premiere platform, every choice was an experiment,” Hsu said.

“We have shone a spotlight on the forces behind different kinds of family values for audiences in Taiwan and across Asia.

“Now, we want to show the world the growing momentum in Mandarin-language films.” 


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