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Netflix offers free documentaries to boost home-based learning

COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt; with lockdowns in many countries around the world, this is a good time for home-based learners to elevate their skills in preparation for the resumption of businesses and educational institutions.

During these stressful periods of mandated lockdown, Netflix is supporting home-based learning through free documentaries on its YouTube channel.

Some of the popular titles featured are 13th (Film), Abstract (Series – Season 1), Babies (Series – selected episodes), ChasingCoral  (Film), Explained (Series – selected episodes), Knock Down the House (Film), Our Planet (Series), and more.

Topics covered range from learning about music and nature to the economy and current affairs. Selected series will come with additional educational resources.

The documentaries will be available in English, with subtitles in more than a dozen languages available.

Moreover, some of the series will feature Q&As with the creators behind these projects so that learners can learn from them first-hand. 

The documentaries are available on:


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