Nevion adds data service management within VideoIPath

The integration of new functionality to support data-only and converged media networks unleashes “real potential” of IP, said Nevion

Nevion’s VideoIPath is an orchestration and software-defined network (SDN) control software that provides connection management, service assurance and network inventory capabilities for service providers and broadcasters. The solution has already been deployed by media companies to manage video and audio flows in their facilities, and for contribution, remote production and primary distribution.

Following the increasing adoption of IP technology for media networks, there is a strong commercial and technical drive to converge the transport of video and audio signals with data services, such as the transport of files used in production or remote control of broadcast devices, according to Nevion.

To support data services and converged media networks, Nevion extended the VideoIPath by integrating its path-finding algorithm to build up the services and enable data flows within the network.

With this integration, VideoIPath is able to manage the bandwidth that is used for each data service, configuring each port in the data service with the appropriate bandwidth and QoS policy.

In addition, VideoIPath’s new Flow application provides a graphical interface to allow users to configure the data services. Other VideoIPath applications also provide the means to manage and monitor data services. Furthermore,

VideoIPath provides north-bound interfaces that enable integration with existing operations support systems (OSS).
Johnny Dolvik, chief product and development officer at Nevion, said: “The extension of VideoIPath to support data services is an important step to help deliver the real potential of IP to broadcasters and service providers, enabling a much more efficient and cost-effective use of networks. For Nevion, it also marks an exciting and important move into technology that is equally applicable to industries outside our traditional markets.”



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