New DASH validation tool released by DVB and HbbTV Association

The new tool is designed to simplify content conformance with DASH-related specifications from DVB and HbbTV

DVB and the HbbTV Association have collaboratively created a DASH validation tool for application developers and content providers. The newly released tool, according to both organisations, conducts checks of ISO/IEC 23009-1 MPEG-DASH media presentation descriptions (MPDs) and segments to ensure conformance with DASH-related specifications from DVB and HbbTV. 

Peter MacAvock, chair of DVB, commented: “DVB and HbbTV have a close relationship and common membership, making this the perfect partnership. Content delivery is becoming increasingly complex. Working together, we are bringing simplicity to content conformance for DASH-delivered streams.” 

Extending the existing DASH-IF validator, the new tool includes checks for MPEG-DASH MPD validation (XML, DASH schema and MPEG-DASH MPD rules), segment validation (ISO BMFF and MPEG-DASH segment rules), cross-representation validation (MPEG-DASH cross-representation rules), and live MPD segment access validation. It also includes compliance with a wide range of specifications, and support for DVB-DASH Profile v1.1.1 and HbbTV 1.5 extensions. 

After performing conformance checks, the new tool is able to generate reports for users to analyse. The reports are colour-coded, making it easy for operators to see important information, warnings and error messages. Additionally, the tool complements the HbbTV Association DRM Reference Application and Test Suite, providing device manufacturers with examples of working applications and content with DRM. 

Vincent Grivet, chair of the HbbTV Association, concluded: “We are excited about the release of this DASH validation tool, which will help application developers and content providers verify that their services are compliant with the HbbTV/DVB DASH profiles, enabling them to offer compelling hybrid services that enhance the viewer experience.” 

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