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New OVHcloud solutions aim to ease digital transformation

OVHcloud has announced new solutions to support digital transformation, including dedicated servers, a container platform and enhanced cloud connectivity.

Game dedicated servers

The Game dedicated server range provides the performance demanded by video game designers and companies that host streaming platforms. Based on fifth-generation AMD Ryzen technology, Game servers offer a gaming experience without any limits to performance and stability.

With data centres around the world, game publishers can rent servers closest to where their gamers are based for the lowest latency possible.  The Anti-DDoS Game capability, included with all Game dedicated servers, prevents any downtime during the gaming experience during a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

Managed Kubernetes Service

OVHcloud provides a container platform for developers to deploy and run applications with the Managed Kubernetes Service. The Kubernetes components are deployed, hosted, monitored and maintained by OVHcloud teams so customers can focus more on their applications and core business instead.

Customers only need to pay for the compute resources deployed within the Kubernetes cluster. They can also take advantage of open source tools designed specifically to work with Kubernetes.

OVHcloud Connect

OVHcloud Connect is a high-performance hybrid connection solution offering global coverage through points of presence from both OVHcloud and third parties. With OVHcloud Connect, customers can interconnect their company network with OVHcloud and also with the company’s partners such as Equinix and Megaport in a direct, secure way.

OVHcloud is a cloud provider operating 400,000 servers in its own 32 data centres across four continents.  The company has also unveiled Asia-Pacific (APAC) expansion plans, including the doubling of capacity for its Singapore data centre, and a second data centre in Sydney, Australia.

This follows November 2020 investments in India, including an expanded Bangalore office.  The company recently strengthened its infrastructure to reduce the latency between India and Europe and also between India and Singapore. Three out of 32 data centres in OVHcloud’s global network are in the APAC region.

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