New technology alliance aims to create more opportunities for fledgling content creators

Osprey Video’s Talon encoders and decoders now integrated into the Zixi platform

A new technology partnership is integrating Osprey Video’s Talon encoders and decoders into the Zixi platform, a video workflow orchestrator used by content creators for contribution, management and distribution of live and live-linear, broadcast-quality video over IP.

This integration, said the companies, allows even the smallest content creators to launch broadcast-quality content and channels over IP, with little infrastructure and no overhead costs.
Scott Whitcomb, business development manager, Osprey Video, added: “By joining forces with Zixi, our joint users everywhere can easily leverage the Talon’s renowned capabilities to elevate the quality of their broadcast content within the Zixi ecosystem.

“We’re especially excited about the possibilities for smaller organisations who now have a solution that levels the playing field when it comes to spinning up broadcast-grade Internet channels without significant investment.”

The Zixi platform has three main software components that can be configured for a wide variety of cloud, on-premise or hybrid workflows. In this integration, the Zixi software tools are embedded into the user interface of the Talon encoders and decoders by simply plugging in the Talon hardware. From there, the Talon goes to work turning IP video signals into broadcast-quality content for delivery over the Internet.

By making it easy to add a Talon encoder/decoder, Zixi customers have the scalability to initiate channels anywhere and, control and monitor streamed content without changing their infrastructure or the way they operate. Although the joint solution is intended mainly for broadcasters and content media companies, it will be especially beneficial for small operators with limited infrastructure and budgets — such as those in the non-profit and house-of-worship markets, emphasised the companies.

Israel Dori, founder and president of Zixi, concluded: 
“Now that Osprey’s encoders and decoders are integrated with the Zixi platform, our customers can deliver high-quality video over the Internet in a very simple way without changing how they operate.”

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