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New Vizrt Solution Suites for visual storytelling, live content creation

Vizrt, the provider of IP-based, software-defined visual storytelling tools (SDVS) for media content creators, has been rolling out software Solution Suites made available exclusively through Flexible Access.

Fully integrated with all major newsroom computer systems (NRCS), Vizrt Newsroom is designed to take the complexity out of advanced visual storytelling.

The suite features Vizrt’s template-based, cross-platform newsroom content creation system to create, manage, and deliver high volumes of stories with world-class broadcast graphics.

Journalists have access to everything they need to independently prepare, script, plan and create, add graphics, video and stills, data visualisations and maps to their stories from within the NRCS.

On the launch of Vizrt Newsroom Daniel Nergard, President of Vizrt said, “The pace of the news cycle has never been faster. Today’s journalists need to be able to create on multiple output formats, often at the same time, in order to reach and engage their audience.

“Vizrt Newsroom reduces complexity from relatively advanced workflows of news content production. By simplifying and giving easy access to a comprehensive set of journalistic tools, storytellers can focus better on what matters most, telling the story.”

Also new is Vizrt Production Control, a solution for end-to-end software-based production, graphics, control, and automation for daily news, live sports, and other live productions. 

Vizrt Production Control reimagines the control room with a highly flexible and dynamic operating principle: that great content can be made anywhere, at any time, by anyone.

Nergard said, “The software revolution has been adopted at a slower pace inside the central core of the TV station – the control room. This constrains storytellers from being as productive, effective, and creative as they want to be.

“Vizrt Production Control changes that reality. This comprehensive software-driven suite is both powerful and agile, letting the storyteller choose how to deploy, where to produce from, and which day-to-day tasks to automate.”

Vizrt Production Control can be deployed on premises using commercial off-the-shelf hardware or virtualised in cloud environments. Customers choose from three tiers of production control capabilities and options to suit their specific requirements.

Producers can manage entire programmes from a single solution that redefines the need for traditional control rooms. Advanced Vizrt graphics creation and control is available for the most demanding content enhancement through cutting-edge and real-time 3D graphics, as well as data-driven elements.

Both Solution Suites are made available exclusively via Flexible Access, which allows customers to adapt and scale their production software up and down to meet rapidly-changing production needs with annual or month-to-month payment plans.

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