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NZRB racing ahead with Lawo’s VSM to streamline its production system

Broadcasters today are not confined to sticking to a single vendor’s production system and equipment. As technology advances, it has become a challenge for broadcast engineers and management to integrate, monitor and control their arrays of off-the-shelf equipment into a seamless production workflow. New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB), in upgrading and streamlining its production system, decided to leverage on Lawo’s Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) to save time and money.

Lawo’s VSM differentiates itself by providing operators with overarching control of their systems; user panels and interfaces can be configured to meet the requirements of their various workflows and applications. It streamlines operations, enables integration of different systems, broadcast equipment and third-party protocols.

“One of the key differentiations of VSM is the portfolio of support and compatibility for third-party protocols,” says NZRB broadcast engineer, Michael Tompkins.

NZRB, the broadcaster behind two national television channels and Trackside Radio, seized the opportunity of integrating its OB vehicles with remote production to better manage the variety of events it covers. Lawo’s VSM is able to maintain full NZRB’s coverage of races due to its ability to amalgamate control of switchers, routersanda replay server within its connecting network.

Indeed, Lawo has conceptualised a single system that encompasses the control of various devices and creation of workflows; and it can also simplify operational task without referencing the hardware.

Using the 1Gbps Layer 3 network between remote site and control room, and 10Gbps Layer 3 between control rooms, the new working model uses a mix of J2K, SMPTE 2022-6, and AES67/Ravenna to provide video and audio between each layer of production under a VSM control system run from two separate locations, ensuring geographical efficiency.

Other than facilitating seamless system integrations, VSM is able to improve cost efficiency as well as flexibility and scalability of the company’s Remote Production Model – and expansion of workspace.

The software-defined VSM is able to adapt to the ever-changing trends in the broadcast arena.


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