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newsnet ENG vehicle extends studio IP-based workflows to the field

Mobile demo vehicle powered by IMT Vislink and Frontline Communications

A new partnership between IMT Vislink, an xG Technology company, and Frontline Communications will see the deployment of a customised newsnet electronic newsgathering (ENG) for vehicle for performing on-site demonstrations at broadcast client locations.

According to the companies, newsnet will offer customers the opportunity to test, in real time, the capabilities of the newsnet system using their own studio facilities and receive system equipment, and how it interacts with their components. A typical newsnet studio control will compose of the mobile assets, a base station site — a mobile COW (computer on wheels) — and the newsnet studio control system to provide the interface and control between the remote demo vehicle and the studio networks.

John Payne IV, president of IMT USA, said: “Being able to demonstrate the potential studio workflow scenarios using the Frontline newsnet demo vehicle at a customer’s own location will be extremely useful. It’s an excellent way for us to show how newsnet empowers broadcasters to maximise their coverage while fully leveraging their studio assets.

“Having multiple ENG points of view to operate at the same time and on the same broadcast auxiliary service (BAS) channel, while enabling a high-bandwidth IP connection with studio newsroom computer systems, is a game changer for the broadcast industry.”

Newsnet establishes a secure, reliable, high-speed, bi-directional IP network that can “significantly enhance ENG transmission and workflow”. It also has the flexibility to support traditional content newsgathering activities while delivering new workflow capability in the field using IP network architecture.

For broadcasters, newsnet optimises workflow efficiencies through lower Opex costs, as well as lower cellular connectivity costs resulting from a reduced need for bonded cellular transmission. In addition to its bandwidth management capability, newsnet can also utilise a newsnet base station, or receive site, with multiple simultaneous mobile newsnet assets using the same frequency.

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