NEXTClub fosters a community of subtitling professionals

Jointly launched by PBT EU and Profuz Digital, NEXTClub aims to be the “home for subtitling” by gathering a global network of subtitling professionals

Creators and distributors behind SubtitleNEXT technology, PBT EU and Profuz Digital have jointly launched a dedicated member site, NEXTClub, to connect user groups all around the world.

Dubbed “home for subtitling”, NEXTClub is designed to offer an online gathering place for translators, subtitles, interpreters and captionists. Members will also be able to explore the NEXTClub lounge, which includes access to NEXTblog, NEXTnews, NEXTtips, NEXTbreak, NEXTacademy, NEXTcommunity, and NEXTmembership.  

Eleonora Svetozarova, manager of NEXTacademy, explained: “We opened the NEXTClub to provide an ideal hub to host our subtitling community. NEXTClub exemplifies our vision where everyone is welcome to experience the latest updates in SubtitleNEXT modules, platforms, services, and inspiring educational programmes and exclusive blogs online. 

“The goal is to shine a spotlight on inspirational individuals. We are proud to showcase work that supports, empowers and connects the community positively. We are excited to embrace a growing community, and invite interested parties in the industry to join NEXTClub, and benefit from it as well as contribute creative ideas.”

SubtitleNEXT has been adopted by several organisations, including Italy’s IT Pros Subtitles, The European School of Translation, the New Bulgarian University, and Listen Up foundation, as well as Videohouse, a Belgian production house in the Benelux region.

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