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NHK launches 8K channel

In addition to the launch of NHK BS8K, the Japanese public broadcaster will also commence the broadcast of the NHK BS4K channel on December 1

Japanese public broadcaster NHK will be commencing the world’s first 8K broadcasting service on December 1 with the launch of a new 8K channel, NHK BS8K.

As the flagship channel for viewers to enjoy “highest quality” visual images and 22.2 channel audio, NHK BS8K will be packed with programmes that are aimed at providing viewers with “a sense of full immersion in each scene, imparting the feeling of presence in the stadium or concert hall, or gazing directly upon the actual masterpieces in an art museum”, said NHK.

For instance, music programmes will include concerts by orchestras, including Vienna Philharmonic; and art programmes will feature the exhibition of art masterpieces at the Louvre museum, as well as the works of Japanese artist Katsushi Hokusai.

Other content that will be broadcast on NHK BS8K includes TV dramas and nature programmes and, incorporation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), scenes of the Earth shot from the International Space Station.

On the same day, NHK will also launch NHK BS4K, which the broadcaster brands as the gateway channel for Ultra HD (UHD) visual images. Besides 4K/UHD programmes, HD programmes that are currently being aired on NHK’s terrestrial and satellite channels will be available in 4K/UHD on NHK BS4K.



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