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Nokia and Intel jointly developing silicon chipset for 5G and cloud

Nokia and Intel are looking to edge forward in the 5G race by jointly developing custom silicon chipsets that will be included in Nokia’s AirScale radio access products being shipped worldwide.

As part of the 5G ‘powered by ReefShark’ portfolio, the collaboration between the companies highlights Nokia’s continued focus on the development of its 5G portfolio, strengthening AirScale and further advancing the capabilities of its ReefShark chipset. 

ReefShark chipsets leverage the latest silicon chip design technologies and manufacturing capabilities. This results in superior data throughput and lower energy consumption to support Nokia’s 5G AirScale network solutions. Nokia is working with multiple partners to support its ReefShark family of chipsets, which are used in many base station elements.

By adopting ReefShark widely in its AirScale portfolio, Nokia is significantly boosting performance and lowering the energy footprint of 5G network rollouts.

To realise the benefits of a common architecture from cloud to edge, Nokia and Intel will further their collaboration by incorporating the latest Intel Xeon processor technology in Nokia’s cloud infrastructure. Nokia’s AirFrame data center solution for edge and core will also use the latest second generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor with built-in AI acceleration.

The processor is also included in both Nokia’s AirScale all-in-cloud virtual RAN (vRAN) and 5G core solutions to meet the requirements demanded by 5G-ready solutions. Nokia’s AirScale Cloud RAN virtualises radio functions to deliver ultra-low latency and high bit rates for demanding services, as well as provide the flexibility to deliver scalability, agility and operational efficiency to meet other demands.

Dan Rodriguez, corporate vice president and general manager of Intel’s Network Platforms Group, said: “Implementing technology innovations from the core to the edge of the network is key to unlocking the full potential of 5G.

“Through our collaboration with Nokia, our broad portfolio of products and ASIC capabilities, we are showing the value that can be realised with a consistent, high-performance architecture across the intelligent 5G network.”

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