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Non Production supports live sports production offering Sony cameras

Having acquired a Sony HDC-4300 4K/HD system camera in 2018, Non Production, a Thai broadcast equipment rental house, has been offering the camera system to its various media clients to capture live sports action.

Designed specifically for sports, the HDC-4300 is a 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) system camera with three 2/3-inch 4K/UHD image sensors. One key feature of the HDC-4300 is that it allows a broad base of HDC series users to expand their capabilities to 4K/UHD. 

Senee Plainthap, President of Non Production, described Sony’s HDC-4300 camera as a “game-changer” for the rental house and its clients; he elaborated: “To put it simply, the HDC-4300 is a system camera for sports. When we first made the HDC-4300 available to our clients, the units were flying off the shelves.”

Started as a small videography firm specialising in weddings and corporate events, Non Production expanded in 1998 when Plainthap invested in several Sony DSR-250 camera units to shoot variety shows. He then established Non Production in 2003 – the same year that True Vision, a Thai TV station, knocked on its doors for provision of broadcast equipment and support for its growing sports coverage. 

“There’s no question the HDC-4300 provides 4K/UHD and HD image quality and Super Slow Motion rates of up to 8x to produce high-quality replays,” he said. “In the age of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) situations, the use of high-quality replays in decision reviews is indispensable.” 

Besides the HDC-4300, Non Production also invested in Sony’s PWS-4500 4K/HD live production server with IP technology, and the XVS-60004K/3G/HD video switcher for IP and SDI. Particularly, the investment in the PWS-4500 was to support Non Production’s clients to improve their production workflow.

The live production server comes equipped with a Share Play file sharing feature, allowing footage to be viewed or played out directly from the switcher.


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