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Now TV’s new addressable TV ads set to improve campaign targeting

Pay-TV service provider Now TV has launched what it says is Hong Kong’s first addressable TV advertising service, applying the latest technology to enable more precise campaign targeting for enterprises.

Operated by PCCW Media, Now TV is now able to categorise its users based on first-hand data such as programme preferences, interests, habits, and other authentic information. This allows Now TV to provide a more personalised television viewing experience tailored to different user segments.

As a first in Hong Kong, this advertising deployment technology integrates personalised commercials across more than 40 linear channels on Now TV, spanning news, finance, sports, movies, drama and entertainment. 

Advertisers have the flexibility to push different ads to specific customer segments based on the target of their advertising campaigns, heightening customer engagement and attention.

Among Now TV’s first addressable TV advertising clients are international luxury and automotive brands.

Now TV is also transmitted through HKT’s fixed broadband network. Bruce Lam, CEO, Consumer, HKT, said, “We are thrilled to introduce Hong Kong’s first addressable TV advertising service, revolutionising Hong Kong’s TV commercial landscape.“This innovative technology empowers us to precisely target campaigns for enterprises, leveraging our extensive customer base and first-hand data. The initial results of the launch have been satisfactory, and we look forward to further expanding our advertising capabilities to drive even greater revenue growth.”

Derek Choi, Managing Director, Consumer Marketing & Pay TV, HKT, added, “Committed to introducing state-of-the-art services to the market, our new offerings combine the strengths of traditional TV big screen commercials and digital marketing, providing advertisers with the flexibility to deliver targeted commercials to specific customer segments to enhance customer engagement, and, in turn, increase their advertising cost efficiency.”

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