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nxtedition repacks news stories for social media automatically

Broadcast microservice specialist, nxtedition, has further enhanced the consolidated production and playout platform with nxt|cloud, a complete deployment of nxtedition playout service that runs in the public cloud.

Previously, playout in nxtedition utilised the switching, layering and real-time rendering power of CasparCG software to achieve high production values using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This latest development has seen nxt edition developing a fully containerised Linux version of CasparCG to provide the same playout functionality, flexibility, and quality as a scalable, elastic and secure microservice in the cloud.

Adam Leah, Creative Director at nxtedition, explained, “With nxt|cloud, we can offer an identical experience in the cloud: the same quality, the same functionality, the same user experience, the same responsiveness.

“It includes sophisticated value-added features like localisation: we can, for example, take in a single live sports feed over SRT and split into, say, eight identical CasparCG channels, but sending each channel a separate commentary audio and graphics feed in different languages – all driven by the time-stamped metadata authoring and the layering in nxtedition.”

The nxtedition solution contains all the elements required for broadcast, from ingest and transcode through asset management and archiving to delivery to multiple platforms, automatically repackaging news stories for social media. 

The fully virtualised architecture means that systems can be built to precisely match the individual workflow requirements, with the appropriate level of resilience and a large reduction in complexity that microservices bring.

This centralisation of content for the users allows more productivity and speed with the content to repurpose it for broadcast, over-the-top (OTT, digital), social, podcasts, and radio.


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