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Ooo .. now available: Off-the-fly localisation tools for subtitlers

OOONA, a provider of management and production tools for the media localisation industry, has sealed an agreement with memoQ Translation Technologies to offer the memoQ toolset inside OOONA’s subtitle editing platform. The latter specialises in the development of translation management systems to increase productivity, quality and enhance consistency in translation workflows. 

For approximately two decades, term bases, translation memories and linguistic quality assurance modules have been used in the localisation industry and now form a staple feature of translation tools and translation management systems. These tools enable translators to maximise their productivity by leveraging previously created translations of similar content or performing concordance searches. 

The tools also allow for on-the-fly access to key terms, names and phrases as well as fast identification of easily missed errors such as double spaces or missing punctuation marks, and differences between source and target texts in terms of numbers, text casing or font style. 

Alex Yoffe, Tools Product Manager at OOONA, said: “From shot change detection and audio waveforms to reading speed indicators, customisable hotkeys and presets, professional subtitle editing platforms today account for any feature subtitlers could wish for. These features allow users to perform their job quickly and easily on the technical level. 

“Translation functionality, however, has been overlooked. We aim to change that by building in this extra layer of automation which subtitlers have long been asking for.”

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