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Open invitation to check out Caton’s AI-managed 99.9999+% transmission

At IBC 2023, Caton Technology, a developer of transport solutions over IP, will showcase a range of global IP connectivity solutions that use AI to manage and optimise networks, providing very high reliability at minimal latency.

The demonstrations will focus on three key applications, first being for broadcast networks.  Its AI traffic engineering algorithms are able to establish and manage multiple routes between source and destination, and dynamically switch to mitigate network impairment to guarantee better than 99.9999% availability without human intervention.

The same AI-managed dynamically controlled transmission makes Caton Media XStream ideal for the second application in live sports broadcasting, transforming delivery and integrating with existing infrastructure. Transparent real-time monitoring and analytics for both the transport layer and the broadcast stream means that live sports can be delivered around the world over the public internet at minimal risk.

The third application is the delivery of live events to cinemas around the world, providing high quality at each venue with minimal engineering demands, and delivering an elevated consumer experience. Using Caton Media XStream, producers can expand services widely to meet audience expectations without the need to invest in network infrastructures.

Paul Weiser, SVP at Caton Technology, said, “In today’s media world, there are so many applications which need very reliable, high quality transmission circuits, often between continents.

“At Caton we have a proven solution, already in wide use, that delivers on every level. It provides unparalleled reliability and operational effectiveness — thanks to the AI-based traffic engineering, real-time sensing and dynamic path switching.”To find out how Caton’s high-performance solutions can transform your businesses, Weiser invites visitors to booth 1.F36 at IBC 2023, which is taking place from 15 to 18 September at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

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