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By Shawn Liew

The APB’s IP Master Class, to be held in Singapore on June 25 this year, will look to provide useful tips for Asia-Pacific broadcasters making the transition to broadcast IP

We have heard this argument constantly, and many a times, compellingly, over the past 24 months or so: IP is here, and will forever alter the way broadcast and media organisations operate in an increasingly digital world.

The approval of the first standards within the SMPTE ST 2110 suite late last year has provided a further shot in the arm for the transition to broadcast IP, and in an unconventional show of unity, many of the top broadcast equipment manufacturers and solutions providers are today members of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) — whose key goal is to eliminate fragmentation, and maximise hardware and software interoperability through open standards.

A number of broadcasters and TV operators in Asia-Pacific APB has spoken to have already begun to integrate pockets of IP into their broadcast facilities; many have expressed an interest to do so progressively in the near future.

The key question on many of their lips is this: How do we get there?

Similar to many regions in the world, legacy SDI equipment remains prevalent in Asia, and with many manufacturers today — including those holding AIMS membership — promoting 12G-SDI standard, how can broadcasters be assured that IP is the way to go as they look to future-proof their media facilities?

Building on the success of the series of IP seminars held last November in Hong Kong and Singapore, APB, in collaboration with systems integrator Ideal Systems, will be holding a full-day IP Master Class in Singapore on June 25 this year.

Entitled Real-time Media Over IP Inside a TV Facility, the IP Master Class will feature Michel Proulx, a media technologist and former CTO of Miranda Technologies, as the master presenter.

Proulx will address issues such as why IP should be considered in media facilities, the impact of transition to software solutions and virtualisation, the benefits of using IP, and the current obstacles to implementing IP.

“IP is about agility and future-proofing. The need to be agile will come from business pressure and the change in how TV is being consumed,” said Proulx. “Broadcasters have to also future-proof themselves for new standards while preparing for 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) and beyond.”

Click here to reserve your seat for the APB IP Master Class, or call +65 6282 8456, or email lynn@editecintl.com for more details.

Shawn Liew is the managing editor of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting, who has been monitoring the technologies and trends impacting the broadcast and media industries for the past 35 years.

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