Orban brings music back to life

Orban, a German broadcast and audio solutions provider, has brought hyper-compressed music back to life at IBC2019.

Leveraging the latest audio processors, its Optimod 8700i revives music by tuning speech and music separately. Furthermore, the dual redundant power supplies and safety bypass relays the 8700i and ensures a round-the-clock care-free operation.

Last month, Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR) — the biggest public radio and TV broadcaster in Germany — tapped on Orban’s 8700i to improve audio processing and complete the transformation of its distribution network. Peter van Beusekom, senior audio processing specialist at Orban Europe, commenting on the recent 8700i installation, said: “Our Optimods provide a high homogeneity and ensure that the broadcasts do not create listening fatigue but make the audience listen longer to the programmes.

“They also contribute to increased speech intelligibility.”

To minimise audible side-effects, BS.412 MPX Power controller has also been added to the mix. Moreover, the specialist has created individual pre-sets to achieve the best sound for each programme format.

Orban provides excellent technical support during installation and set-up.


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