Panasonic’s 8K ROI multi-camera system available mid-2019

The new camera allows up to four different HD images to be produced from a single 8K camera

Panasonic’s newly developed 8K ROI (Region of Interest) multi-camera system promises to change the landscape of broadcast production by allowing up to four different HD images to be produced from a single 8K camera. Featuring automated picture correction technology, the camera system also ensures that any distorted images are corrected and cropped with a natural cut out, full HD image from within the main 8K image.

“The Panasonic’s 8K ROI multi-camera system will improve operational efficiency as it allows four separate crops from an 8K image canvas, thereby reducing operating costs on a multitude of production applications,” said a beaming Takashi Ishii, assistant chief, Broadcast & Production, Media & Entertainment Business Division, Connected Solutions Company, Panasonic Corporation.

He told APB that “the new versatile camera will be available from mid-2019”, adding that camera views can be controlled directly or be driven in response to moves made by a master camera view.

In this mode an operator can control one master camera view which is linked to further sub-cameras; and responses can be pre-programmed during set-up. After set-up is complete, a single operator can control multiple cameras from the 8K ROI view. 

“This system can be expanded to multiple linked 8K ROI cameras,” said Ishii, explaining that a single master camera operator can drive multiple views from multiple camera positions; thus, it is cost-efficient as now a single operator can drive six or more shots in a multi-camera production.

The system is able to reduce operational costs dramatically on many events, making it well suited to sports broadcasting, staging and studio applications. In addition, it helps increase revenue within live events because less space is required to house cameras within venues.

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