Pebble Beach Systems takes DMC’s playout to the cloud

Replacing SDI infrastructure with virtualised IP-based solutions has enabled Digital Media Centre (DMC) to launch channels within shorter time frame

Amsterdam-headquartered Digital Media Centre (DMC) has successfully embraced virtualised playout from the cloud, and is now delivering 10 channels, all via a virtualised private cloud based on Pebble Beach Systems’ Orca virtualised IP solution.

Following the company’s decision to replace its SDI infrastructure with IP-based solutions that could operate on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) IT hardware, the installation has allowed DMC to deliver channel playouts from Fox, Scripps, AMC, A+E, and others, all via the cloud.

The implementation of Orca has also allowed DMC to deliver channels to the market within a shorter period of time. Jean-Louis Lods, director of business development at DMC, explained: “Traditionally, we would have a 12 to 14 week lead time to delivery a new channel, including procuring all the SDI glue, the playout system and CiAB (channel-in-a-box) and compression.

“With virtualised playout, we can launch a channel in 10 minutes. This means clients can deliver pop-up channels, for example, to test the market for a period of time.”

Orca is a software-only, virtualised implementation of Pebble Beach’s Dolphin “channel-in-a-box” integrated device capable of running in private or public clouds, with IP inputs and outputs.

Providing the functionalities of hardware video servers, graphics, audio processing, and subtitling systems in a software ecosystem, Orca has enabled DMC to response quickly to their clients’ needs while reducing overall costs, said the company.

DMC has further revealed that an additional 24 channels are in the process of being migrated to virtualised playout, with all remaining channels slated for migration during the reminder of 2017.

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