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Phabrix Makes Waves with New 12G-SDI 25-G IP Tool at IBC 2023

This year’s IBC Show in Amsterdam has always been a magnet for groundbreaking advancements in the world of broadcast technology. Standing tall among the giants this year is Phabrix, with their CEO, Martin Mulligan, proudly introducing their fresh-out-of-the-box product: the QxP.

Catching up with Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ amidst the hustle and bustle of the Phabrix exhibit, Mulligan couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. “It’s been quite the whirlwind since we caught up at BCA Broadcast Asia. Just look around — we’re only into the third day, and it’s been packed to the rafters!” he exclaimed. Mulligan further highlighted the industry’s palpable hunger for 12G-SDI and 2110 IP solutions.

While Phabrix has been no stranger to generating and analyzing these specific formats, what’s causing the buzz this year is their initiative to make it more user-friendly. Mulligan explained, “We’ve fused our expertise into the QxP. Think of it as a go-anywhere buddy for tech departments. Whether you’re plugged into the mains or on a camera battery, this baby won’t let you down.”

And the industry sat up and took notice. “You know what’s the cherry on top? We snagged the TVB Best of Show award for the QxP. Quite the feather in our cap, if I do say so myself,” Mulligan said, a touch of pride evident in his voice.

Regarding the spectrum of users for their tech marvel, Mulligan shed light on its versatility. “From the standard definition to the ultra-crisp 4K, and even 4K over IP — our clientele is as diverse as it gets. Not just the heavyweights in equipment manufacturing but the bigwigs in broadcasting and event live-streaming swear by our tech to get that pristine signal quality.”

Diving a bit into what makes the QxP tick, Mulligan was keen to highlight its edge. “You see, the QX isn’t just about high tech; it’s about smart tech. Whether you lean towards 12G-SDI or IP, we’ve got your back. And with tech getting more intricate by the day, we’ve thrown in a touchscreen to keep things breezy. Analyzing complexities? Just another day at the office with the QxP.”

As the curtain falls on yet another eventful day at the 2023 IBC Show, there’s an electric air of anticipation. What will tomorrow bring? With trailblazers like Phabrix setting the pace, it’s safe to say that the broadcast tech horizon has never looked brighter.

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