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Powerlite a boon for next-gen ATSC 3.0 TV

Dielectric is powering up NextGen TV for broadcasters with its enhanced Powerlite brand built according to ATSC 3.0 standard – Powerlite TFU-WB-LP Series, the new power upgrade that will be unveiled at 2020 NAB Show.

The enhanced series offers multiple variations, patterns and software-defined proposal generators to help broadcasters develop perfectly-defined, multi-site low-power antenna systems.

To address low-power TV and FM radio budgets, the Powerlite series is built to combine antennas, transmission line, tunable filters and other RF components into one affordable, all-inclusive package. They are welcome by broadcasters in Asia, Latin America and other regions of the world.

The series evolves from Dielectric’s popular TFU-WB family, a range of main and auxiliary UHF antennas developed for the US spectrum repack. Optimised for ATSC 3.0 single-frequency networks (SFNs), the new Powerlite TFU-WB-LP Series offers a solution for UHF broadcasters in the upcoming low-power repack phase.

“The TFU-WB-LP antennas, as well as our low-power antenna options, will all provide low-power broadcasters with repack-related reimbursement opportunities,” said Jay Martin, VP of Sales at Dielectric.

The Powerlite TFU-WB-LP antennas are built in four-bay increments, with a maximum ERP of 100 kW for each antenna (higher power options are also available). As ATSC 3.0 SFNs will comprise multiple low-power transmitter sites, Dielectric’s Proposal Generator software will help customers design an antenna for coverage needs specific to each site. This means that broadcasters can select the proper power level, directional pattern, height above ground level, and other pertinent design criteria for each location.

According to Martin, the series will also offer adaptability through multi-frequency networks, as it can serve both narrow-band and broadband RF configurations.

Find your new “Powerlite upgrades” at  2020 NAB booth C2622 from April 19-22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 


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