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Premium OTT content gains favour with Singapore viewers

When it comes to high quality content, viewers in Singapore are more likely to turn to premium over-the-top (OTT) services than videos available on social media or video sharing sites.

According to a new research study by the Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) titled, Premium OTT – Building Its Rightful Place in The Digital Market, 58% of viewers in Singapore felt that premium OTT services provide high quality content, compared to only 36% for social media and video sharing services.

Almost half (49%) also chose OTT streaming services as those that captured the highest levels of attention, compared to only 35% who selected social media and video sharing services. 51% of viewers felt “immersed” when watching OTT content, as opposed to just 39% for social media and video sharing.

Where the impact of advertising is concerned, linear television remains the place where it is most noticed (76%) and ads are thought to be of the highest quality (41%), and it is in social media where ads are regarded as the most intrusive (37%). 

Linear was again the winner when it came to prompting brand or product searches (25%) and prompting purchase (19%).

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA, said, “This bodes well for the OTT industry. There is a clear link between linear television and OTT from a content perspective, and with more OTT services looking at advertising, I strongly suspect it is simply a matter of time before the effectiveness of ads on OTT matches that of linear television.”

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