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Prisma Access 2.0 elevates security of cloud-based activities

“Telecommuting continues to be the norm for many businesses, including those in the broadcast, media and entertainment industries. The collaborative nature of the complex workflow at these companies can be a challenge to manage remotely” said Sean Duca, Vice President, Regional Chief Security Officer – Asia Pacific & Japan, Palo Alto Networks.

“For example, creatives often have to access large files in the collaboration process, but without enhanced measures in place to support large upload and download capacities from the cloud, they may face difficulties in gaining safe, fast and secure access to the assets required.

According to Palo Alto Networks, enterprises are indeed challenged to secure users, applications and data that are now everywhere, but current cloud-delivered security offerings provide limited application coverage and inadequate protection.

Thus, Palo Alto Networks has launched Prisma Access 2.0, a cloud-delivered security platform, to protect all application traffic while ensuring high performance and an optimised user experience. The 2.0 version introduces new features, including self-healing infrastructure, machine learning-powered security to help prevent attacks in real time, as well as cloud secure web gateway capabilities, and a reimagined cloud management experience.

Key performance, security and management enhancements for Prisma Access 2.0 include:

  • A new cloud management experience
  • Autonomous Digital Experience Management (DEM) that automatically remediates network problems
  • Machine learning to prevent unknown, zero-day attacks in real time and to make automated security policy recommendations
  • New cloud secure web gateway (SWG) capability
  • Support for third-party security and infrastructure services to be easily integrated

Eric Parizo, a principal analyst at Omdia, said: “While it was quite unexpected, 2020 was the year that remote work became the norm for millions around the world. Even with the optimism surrounding COVID-19 vaccines in 2021, it is clear remote work is here to stay — and the cloud is how they will get there,”

“The organisations that succeed will be those that not only keep their data safe from cyberattacks, but also ensure the digital experience for their remote workers is smooth and reliable.

“Omdia believes cloud-delivered security approaches like Prisma Access by Palo Alto Networks will become the predominant architectural model to secure and enable the future of work moving forward.”

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