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Profuz provides real-time subtitling to update Ukraine war refugees

Profuz Digital will be demonstrating its latest innovations, including the SubtitleNEXT technology which has supported Ukrainian TV channels and media outlets for the coverage of the on-going war. 

The Profuz Digital team has been providing subtitling services via its SubtitleNEXT platform across Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, and other countries that have taken in Ukrainian refugees. The SubtitleNEXT platform offers real-time and offline subtitling and captioning for all media formats. 

Other solutions that will be highlighted include Profuz LAPIS and NEXT-TT. The former is an advanced digital asset workflow management platform that has been adopted by Canel PLUS, Jornal do Centro, Council of Europe, Bulgarian National Radio, and many other organisations. 

Designed to provide total management of cloud and desktop technologies through browser functionality, Profuz LAPIS plays a central secure role and controls the organisation’s processes from acquisition, classification, storage, search, and post-production to media content distribution. Data files ranging from audio, video, images, subtitles and captions, documents, news, projects and more can be managed through its multi-platform content delivery capabilities that extensively synchronise the entire content production workflow and distribution chain. 

The NEXT-TT system combines SubtitleNEXT’s functionalities with Profuz LAPIS into a hybrid technology-based that provides media professionals with a versatile backbone for enhanced localisation services. It can be customised to produce targeted management and efficient workflows, and manage subtitles, dubbing and localisation services for media content including the coordination of teams of translators, subtitlers, AV professionals, and creative freelancers while providing users with tools in a secure workspace environment.   

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