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Promoplan makes strategic promotion planning easy

Gerrit Cornelis, MEDIAGENIX Business Consultant

Promoplan by MEDIAGENIX enables a company’s marketing department to draw up an optimal promotion plan for all the promotion efforts of the organization and manage the complete promotion life cycle, from the definition of the goals to building and executing media plans.

Although developed for a broadcaster, Promoplan is designed as a standalone application for any company’s marketing department, not only for broadcasters.

It all starts with a list of promotion plans, i.e. a list of things a company wants its promotion department to promote during a certain period.

There is information about who is responsible, the period of time, the importance, the awareness in the audience, strategic and tactical goals, milestones, type of campaign, effort required, validation, what other departments will be involved, etc.

In the media plan you define all the elements in your promotion, across all media. Promotions include trailers, social posts, posters on buses, ads in magazines and even merchandising — basically everything with which any company can promote products, events or services. The media plan also specifies how the promotion plan has targets for various media vehicles over certain periods of time.

The next step is building up your promotions on a specific media vehicle. As the promotion plans are running and the schedule changes happen, the marketing department can constantly monitor how they are reaching the goals for the various promotion plans. This will then start the cycle again.

For TV and radio channels Promoplan is ideally integrated with WHATS’ ON Trailer Campaigns. In this case Promoplan gets from WHATS’ON all the information regarding transmissions that need to be promoted. Users are notified whenever there are changes in the schedule, and they can have Promoplan update the media plans automatically.

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