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PSI Broadcasting buys latest CIAB servers from PlayBox Neo

Thai broadcaster and playout service provider PSI Broadcasting has expanded its investment in PlayBox Neo equipment with the purchase of latest-generation Channel-in-a-Box (CIAB) servers. Each CIAB server includes an AirBox Neo-20 playout software plus TitleBox Neo-20 graphics and Capture Suite ingest management controller. 

Rattana Taipong, Technical Manager at PSI Broadcasting, said, “We operate a large playout system for our own 1080i HDTV channel and in a hosting role on behalf of third-party channels. The system is based on PlayBox Neo servers which have proved highly reliable over the years. 

“They give our operators all the facilities they need to perform their duties efficiently and effectively, from ingest, programme pre-scheduling and commercials insertion, right through to transmission. The whole process can be performed on a fully-automated basis while retaining the ability to go live whenever needed.”

Centred on a scalable multi-format parallel output playout/streaming engine, AirBox Neo-20 allows media files of various kinds to be combined into a single transmission playlist, and supports simultaneous multiple SDI/IP streaming UHD/HD/SD outputs.

TitleBox Neo-20 provides total control of titling, graphics generation and text management in advance of transmission and live on-air. The feature set includes horizontal crawling text, vertically rolling credits and messages, still and animated logo graphics, analogue and digital clocks, banner slideshows and chat text with automated horizontal or vertical scrolling.

In addition, PlayBox Neo’s Capture Suite enables TV station management staff to control multiple ingest channels across multiple servers via a single graphic interface. Functions such as input selection, ingest pre-sets, file naming, file assignment and auto-transfer can be performed with a single click.

Capture Suite integrates closely with AirBox Neo-20 or can be used as a standalone to support the production workflow at any media publishing house, post-production facility or playout service provider.

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