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Qualcomm’s 5G/AI drones a boon for film & entertainment industry

It was in 2018 that NASA used Qualcomm’s technology and its Flight Platform for the Ingenuity Helicopter Flight and Perseverance Rover on Mars. Following its success, Qualcomm has launched Flight RB5 5G Platform, a next-generation of high-performance, low-power 5G drones.

Built on a foundation of premium robotics, Flight RB5 5G Platform and reference design offers powerful heterogeneous computing through its QRB5165 integrated robotics processor at ultra-low power consumption.

With its fifth generation AI (artificial intelligence) engine running at 15 TOPS (trillions of operations per second), it can run deep learning workloads and autonomous flying. A dedicated Qualcomm Hexagon Tensor Accelerator delivering 8 TOPS ensures accurate edge inferencing that reduces processing time for mission-critical drone applications. 

Dedicated enhanced visual analytics hardware engine enables computer vision applications, VIO, vSLAM and DFS. Qualcomm’s Spectra 480 CV-ISP featuring 2-Gigapixel/sec ISPs and 8K video, 4K HDR, 200MP photo and 7-camera concurrency enable fully autonomous drones operating at every level. 

The launch of Flight RB5 5G Platform is expected to help accelerate the development of commercial, enterprise and industrial drones for use in the film and entertainment industry, delivery services, as well as for public safety, agriculture mapping and infrastructure/asset inspection. 

The drone reference design is available through ModalAI and the Flight RB5 5G development kit is expected to be available before end-2021. 


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