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Qx is ‘JT-NM-certified’

PHABRIX, a leader in test and measurement solutions, has announced the successful completion of ‘JT-NM test' for Qx, a tool to review and standardise rasterizer, along with V3.0 — thus demonstrating the company's commitment to complying with SMPTE standards.

With the integration of V3.0 software, Qx is transformed into a fully flexible rasteriser for hybrid IP/SDI analysis, and video/audio monitoring for environments that require 4K/UHD (12G/6G/3G-SDI), HD-SDI as well as SMPTE ST 2110, ST 2022-7, ST 2059 (PTP) and ST 2022-6 formats.

Utilising ST 2059 (PTP), Qx can decapsulate one video, two audio and one ANC data flows with support for ST 2110-20 (uncompressed video), -30 (PCM Digital Audio), -31 (AES3 transparent transport) and -40 (ANC data).

ST 2022-7 offers protection to all four data flows over two media network interfaces. Moreover, the Qx also provides ST 2110-40 — ANC Status, ANC Inspector, Display of Closed Caption Text — and ST 2110-31 Channel Status Analysis.

Conforming to 2110-30 Class C, audio reception supports 48kHz streams from one to eight channels at packet times of 1ms, and one to 64 channels at packet times of 125us.

The core 2110 IP toolset also provides an indication of correlation of time for each of the eight 2022-7 flows to PTP with status information, as well as a 2022-7 status tool that reports the health and relative timing skew of each 2022-7 pair.

In addition, advanced Qx ST 2110 provides a report on ST 2110-21 Network Compatibility model (Cinst) and Virtual Receiver Buffer Model (VRX).

Combining the use of 1PPS GPI output and a real-time indication of PTP estimated phase offset, fast PTP locking time can be provisioned.

With all the features, the Qx IP V3.0 emerged the Best New Hardware Infrastructure Technology winner in the 2019 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards.

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