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Riedel Communications GmbH & Co. KG garners Digital Transformation – Japan at Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards

The award highlights Riedel’s crucial role in enhancing operational capabilities for Interstellar Technologies, empowering cutting-edge satellite launch missions with advanced communication and video solutions.

Riedel Communications GmbH & Co. KG, a leading provider of advanced communication solutions, recently achieved significant recognition at the 2024 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards, winning in the Digital Transformation – Japan category. The award highlighted Riedel’s pivotal role in enhancing the operational capabilities of Interstellar Technologies, a trailblazing space transportation company based in Hokkaido, Japan.

Interstellar Technologies has been at the forefront of developing small satellite launch vehicles, with their latest project, the ZERO launch vehicle, poised to transform the dynamics of space exploration. Faced with the challenge of maintaining seamless communication and transmitting high-definition video across their expansive facilities, Interstellar turned to Riedel Communications for a solution.

The collaboration between Interstellar and Riedel involved a sophisticated overhaul of communication and video transmission systems across two primary sites: a command centre and a combustion test and launch site, located 8km apart. These sites are critical for the monitoring and execution of commercial rocket launches, making reliable and efficient communication systems indispensable.

Riedel provided Interstellar with an upgraded IP video system that significantly reduces transmission delays and improves the image quality of the facility’s 4K cameras. This enhancement is crucial as it supports the ongoing development and testing of the ZERO vehicle, ensuring that every stage of the launch sequence can be monitored with precision and clarity.

The integration included the installation of Riedel’s renowned intercom systems and MediorNet IP video technology. At the command centre, the deployment featured a state-of-the-art Artist-1024 digital matrix intercom and multiple RSP-1216HL Hybrid Lever Key SmartPanels, complemented by a Bolero wireless intercom system. This setup ensures robust and clear communications, essential for coordinating complex launch operations.

Additionally, the launch site was equipped with MediorNet IP FusioN 6B devices, utilising the JPEG-XS video coding standard to facilitate high-quality, low-latency video transmission. This technology allows the command centre to maintain a real-time visual connection with the launch site, enhancing the capability to make critical decisions during launch sequences.

The tangible improvements brought about by Riedel’s solutions have had a profound impact on Interstellar’s operations. The delays once plaguing communication between the sites have been virtually eliminated, allowing for more precise coordination. Furthermore, the enhanced video quality has provided engineers with unprecedented clarity, enabling detailed monitoring and analysis of rocket performance in real-time.

Kazunori Makino, TT&C Group Leader at Interstellar’s R&D Department, praised Riedel’s contribution: “The communication and video solutions provided by Riedel have not only met but exceeded our operational needs. The clarity and reliability they bring to our launch operations are invaluable.”

As Interstellar Technologies continues to expand and undertake more ambitious projects, the scalable nature of Riedel’s systems ensures that they can adapt and grow in tandem with the company’s needs, solidifying Riedel’s role as a critical partner in the pursuit of making space more accessible.

This recognition at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards is a testament to Riedel’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of digital transformation, marking a significant milestone in their ongoing efforts to advance the broadcasting and communications industries.

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards recognises innovation and excellence in projects that advances the field of broadcasting in areas such as digitalisation and engineering. It showcases the remarkable activities of broadcast companies, as well as industry partners and vendors in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Asia Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards is presented by Asia Pacific Broadcasting+. To view the full list of winners, click here. If you want to join the 2025 awards programme and be acclaimed for your innovation and excellence in projects that advance the field of broadcasting in Asia, please contact Jane Patiag at awards@charltonmediamail.com.

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