Riedel contributes to a successful 2017 FIS Alpine Ski World Championships

During the annual ski championship, Riedel’s MediorNet media network and Artist digital matrix intercom system brought 30 different user groups together to ensure the success of the event

 At the 2017 FIS Alpine Ski World Championships held from February 6-19 in St. Moritz, Switzerland, Riedel Communications provided its MediorNet real-time signal transport, processing and routing network, and Artist digital matrix intercom system, to form an integrated communications backbone for the annual ski championship.

Riedel Communications Switzerland worked alongside the Alpine Ski World Championship’s local organising committee to design a digital, redundant radio network that provided a base for communications among 30 different user groups with connection to the Riedel Artist intercom system. Over 600 radios for timing, race management, security, logistics, and production were handed out to the local event organisation.

Franco Giovanoli, CEO and director of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, said: “With Riedel, we had an expert technology partner at our side that developed a comprehensive strategy for weaving together all the complex threads of communication the event requires. Over the two weeks of the championship, we were able to guarantee a perfect and safe experience for everyone both on and off the slopes.”

The project also saw the deployment of the Riedel MediorNet media network by host broadcaster SRG and its subsidiary, Technology and Production Centre Switzerland (TPC) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), for signal distribution.

With more than 40km of fibre optic cables linked between the international broadcasting centre (IBC) and production sites, MediorNet handled signal distribution for the live commentary, as well as the stadium video presentations, allowing the TV and production feeds to be transmitted to LED walls in the finish area. Riedel’s SmartPanel control panel and STX-200 Skype interface also supported the stadium TV presentation.

Roger Hess, general manager, Riedel Communications Switzerland, said: “With our extensive radio network providing the backbone and expanded by Artist and MediorNet, we were able to create an integrated communications infrastructure that ensured the success of the World Cup and heightened spectators’ experience.”

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