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Riedel embraces Embrionix … a perfect match

Having pioneered the use of small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules for signal processing, Embrionix, a Canadian IP video processor, is joining Riedel Communications. The new member will strengthen Riedel’s expertise in IP-enabled hardware and software while further broadening its extensive portfolio of video solutions.

“Sometimes, things just fit. Just like Riedel, Embrionix started out as a garage company and has managed to preserve its innovation-driven start-up spirit on its way to global success,” said Thomas Riedel, CEO, Riedel Communications. “Our company philosophies are an ideal match, and our product portfolios and competencies complement each other perfectly.”

Riedel will also gain access to Embrionix’s engineering talent specialising in leading-edge IP and video technologies, resulting in a spurt in manpower to more than 700 employees. The leading communications firm has been pursuing a networked approach to video infrastructures for over a decade with its real-time media network, MediorNet.

“In a hybrid IP environment, Riedel’s MediorNet is trusted by customers around the globe as an ideal bridge to the IP world. Our high-density IP gateway and processing solutions will greatly enhance the MediorNet ecosystem and expand its application areas, making it more powerful than ever,” said Renaud Lavoie, CEO, Embrionix. 

Riedel added: “Riedel is an international player, and we can offer Embrionix all of the benefits of a comprehensive global sales and support infrastructure. Embrionix, on the other hand, has access to unique technologies and proprietary knowledge that will be instrumental in our quest for innovation leadership in the field of video infrastructures.”

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