Riedel provides comms infrastructure to Chile’s annual song festival

Key to the communications infrastructure is Riedel’s MediorNet, which managed intercom signals routed from Bolero and Artist

At this year’s annual Viña del Mar International Song Festival, a live music event held from February 20-25 in Viña del Mar, Chile, Riedel Communications supplied its MediorNet media network to support the live broadcast of the event from the Quinta Vergara Amphitheater.

The implementation of MediorNet provided redundant and decentralised signal routing and transport for the entire production. Furthermore, the production crew relied on Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom solution and Artist digital matrix intercom system for all on-site communications, with intercom signals routed over MediorNet.

Cristián Mena Foncea, technical coordinator for Viña del Mar International Song Festival 2018, explained: “The logistical and production challenges of our festival continue to grow every year, as both our broadcast and live audiences demand an increasingly sophisticated experience. For the communications and signal-distribution infrastructure, we needed a partner that could handle the complexities and deliver a 100% bulletproof solution.

“Riedel has an outstanding reputation for providing communications for some of the world’s biggest and most high-profile events, and its solutions are renowned for their reliability and technical excellence. We knew we could depend on Riedel to provide a comprehensive solution that would meet all of our requirements.”

The Riedel backbone consisted of three MediorNet modular frames and 27 Artist digital matrix intercom panels in a decentralised configuration that provided “fully redundant” distribution of all intercom, video wall, and video signals throughout the festival venue.

At the Quinta Vergara Amphitheater, where wireless communications can be challenging, the production team deployed 27 Bolero beltpacks, which are equipped with the Advanced DECT Receiver (ADR) technology, allowing the team to communicate throughout the arena with only eight AES67-networked antennas.

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