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Rights Out keeps scheduling and sales in synch

With Rights Out, MEDIAGENIX extends rights management to content distribution and licensing. Integrated with Broadcast Management System WHATS’ON, this cloud-native solution completes a media company’s overview on the consumption of rights across scheduling and sales. Rights Out cuts through the complexity and pitfalls of selling rights, eliminates time-consuming chores, and leaves more time to optimise a key revenue stream.

Rights Out supports the complete sales workflow, enabling the commercial department or distribution unit to manage a catalogue of saleable rights. This sales catalogue lists the titles that can be sold as well as the distribution rights, which describe where, when and how these titles can be sold.

Additional information about the proposal is stored as the offer converts into a deal. Throughout this entire workflow the licence rights capture the rights information that specifies what exactly you are selling to the buyer. Rights Out also supports the sales of holdbacks, which grant additional exclusivity to the buyer.

In order to finalise the deal, additional clearing for a music piece might be needed, or additional subtitles might need to be produced. Rights Out makes it possible to keep track of all this work, thus avoiding a jeopardized deal because crucial steps have been skipped.

Rights Out further helps to ensure that the negotiated price covers all of the costs and fees of a proposal to a customer.

Once the deal with the customer is finalised, the new rights information has an effect on the scheduling department. A show might need rescheduling to comply with exclusivity provisions, for instance. All of this information is synchronised seamlessly between both systems, and both the scheduling and distribution departments will be kept up to date of any upcoming changes.



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