Packed within a 5RU chassis, Ultrix-FR5 allows users to add software-defined processing capabilities such as multiviewers and FrameSyncs, and others, via software licences.

Ross Video builds new version of Ultrix

Ultrix-FR5 empowers media companies to migrate their facilities to 4K/UHD production, said Ross Video

Ross Video has developed a 144×144 version of Ultrix, its routing and signal processing platform. The new solution, named Ultrix-FR5, joins Ross Video’s software-defined production (SDP) portfolio that includes Gator, Raptor, and Newt.

Packed within a compact 5RU chassis, Ultrix-FR5 delivers a routing platform integrated with multiviewers and FrameSyncs capabilities. Utilising 12G chipset throughout the entire router, Ultrix-FR5 allows users to switch from 270Mbps to single-link 12G 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) signals within the same chassis, thus enabling the migration of all or part of their facilities to 4K/UHD production.

Its internal architecture deploys an FPGA-based design, allowing users to add software-defined processing capabilities, and others, by ordering software licences.

Ross Video will be demonstrating Ultrix-FR5 at CABSAT 2018, which will be held from January 14-16 at the World Trade Centre in Dubai. Visit booth ZB5-A40 to find out more.

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