Ross Video solutions used for broadcast of Chief Election Forum in HK

The recent Chief Election Forum in Hong Kong was aired live on TV and Facebook using Ross Video’s Carbonite Black SoloSwitchers, Furio RC Robotics and PivotCAM Cameras.

A 20m Furio straight track was set between the stage and the audience to capture the candidate’s speeches, as well as the audience’s reactions. Furio provided two viewing angles (stage and audience) using a single camera, while the long track allowed a wide viewing range. The PivotCam’s were used to cover positions in smaller spaces without sacrificing quality, and the Carbonite Black Solo’s controlled the PivotCam’s.

“Ross provided us with a complete solution not for just this production, but for all of our productions — no matter the size. Not only is Ross cost-effective and user-friendly, but Furio was able to add a dynamic feel with its smooth on-air moves and shots,” said Wilson Chan, Solution Specialist of i-Solutions, which supplied the Ross equipment.

“We were very glad to be given the opportunity to cover such an important event,” added Andrew Tan, director of Sales APAC for Ross Video.

“Being a company that are production technology experts, we were able to provide them with an end-to-end solution that was not just cost-effective, but that helped them to deliver a dynamic and high-quality show.”

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