Ross Video unveils EVO Signature Series storage solutions

The EVO Signature Series is designed and produced by Studio Network Solutions, exclusively for Ross Video

Ross Video has announced a partnership with Studio Network Solutions (SNS), and unveiled an exclusive line of storage products.

The Ross EVO Signature Series is designed and built by SNS exclusively for Ross Video, and will be integrated into Ross news, live event, playout and asset management solutions. The EVO Signature Series, Ross Video added, will further extend the company’s portfolio and provide better integration with editing platforms, enabling users to better collaborate in producing and editing media, recording and playout of live productions, as well as improving archival workflows.

The EVO Signature Series offers multiple form factors, storage capacities and I/O options that can scale up to the “largest and most demanding workloads”; from a simple and highly portable desktop storage solution — ideal for trucks and field editors — all the way up to large 16-bay storage units peered together to a maximum capacity of 960TB in a single storage node.

The EVO Signature Series includes options supporting huge numbers of direct connect 1 GbE ports to multiple 10Gb copper and fibre options, and even 25Gb and 50Gb solutions for more demanding playout requirements. The high performance and direct connect options enable direct playout and streaming of video from the storage through both XPression graphics and Abekas server playout solutions. The EVO Signature Series also includes the option for more cost-effective nearline storage, which is a great fit for media asset management (MAM) solutions such as Ross Streamline, according to Ross Video.

Jeff Moore, executive vice-president and CMO at Ross Video, added: “Studio Network Solution is a leader in cost-effective storage solutions for the media and entertainment space, and we are delighted to be working so closely with them in designing this solution for the Ross ecosystem.

“The EVO Signature Series is a perfect addition to our news and live event solutions, and integrates seamlessly with our XPression graphics, Abekas servers/replay and Streamline asset management product suites to provide high-performance, cost-effective solutions for our customers.”


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