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RT Software’s AI-powered pitch calibrations saves time & money

RT Software has added AI-powered automatic pitch calibrations and improved turnaround speed to its Tactic sports telestrator through a new software update (Tactic 6.1).

Luke Harrison, Product Manager, RT Software, said, “Thanks to automatic pitch calibration, metric graphics such as offside lines or distance markers can now be perfectly aligned, and achieved in a significantly reduced time. This is part of our ongoing commitment to accelerate our customer’s productivity by focussing on the critically time sensitive parts of their operations.”

This workflow acceleration is now available for NFL (American National Football League) and AFL (Australian Football League), and will be made available to more of RT Software’s sport broadcast customers as the AI in Tactic is trained to recognise more types of sports pitches, Harrison revealed.

Tactic 6.1 also builds on the existing EVS integration and now allows the Tactic operator to pull EVS clips into Tactic, without tying up any of the EVS ports. The transfer into Tactic is fast, and allows the Tactic operator to work in parallel with the EVS operator. Once the graphics have been added and the sequence completed, it can be transferred back to the EVS for the EVS operator to play out. This allows the Tactic operator to be preparing the next sequence, and so on.

Harrison explained, “This can be a significant cost saving to our customers who may otherwise have had to allocate an expensive EVS port to allow clip transfers. Plus, having the Tactic and EVS operators work in tandem offers even greater time and cost savings.”

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