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RTS helps Italian broadcaster produce X Factor

IP-based workflow for OB truck based on RTS’ OMNEO media networking architecture

To capture the 11th season of X Factor Italy, One TV, a subsidiary of systems integrator Professional Show, built a new outside broadcast (OB) truck complete with a RTS intercom system.

The OB truck is also designed with RTS’ OMNEO media networking architecture at its heart, with an RTS ADAM-M mid-sized modular matrix equipped with an OMI OMNEO interface card. This facilitates RTS KP-5032 and KP-4016 keypanels, as well as RTS DKP-4016 desktop keypanels. With the choice of OMNEO IP technology, the OB truck operates a fully IP-based workflow, connecting directly to the production site’s L3 Ethernet network, as well as combining with any Dante-enabled audio devices.

The system also offers the ability to remotely configure any keypanel from a supervisor keypanel with the RTS AZedit configuration software, allowing supervisors to manage multiple ADAM intercom systems, re-assign users to different ports, and dynamically add intercom hardware. Operators can also individually adjust their own parameters such as equalisation and noise gates — creating plenty of flexibility for all users, said RTS.

One TV’s Stefano Gianolli concluded: “The system is working very well, after a planned period of testing and commissioning. We are very pleased with the result and delighted to contribute to the success of X Factor Italy.”


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