Samsung selects ARRI to colour its new Onyx displays

The new Onyx 4K/UHD cinema LED displays from Samsung incorporates Ultra Contrast with “true” blacks, HDR and P3 colour accuracy

In an attempt to present enhanced visuals in exhibition technology, Samsung has selected footage captured with ARRI Alexa cameras for their new Onyx 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) cinema LED displays.

By incorporating an array of modular LED panels to replace cinema projectors, the Samsung cinema LED displays aim to offer a new format of a cinema screen to improve movie experiences. The technology, according to ARRI, displays Ultra Contrast with “true” blacks, high dynamic range (HDR), and P3 colour with accuracy.

Particularly for this showcase, Samsung chose productions such as Liquid Sunshine, shot on Alexa Mini by Luo Pan; and Face to Face, shot by Tom Haehrmann on the newly released Alexa LF cameras.

Harald Brendel, team lead in image science, ARRI, commented: “The new Samsung cinema screen impressed us with its HDR technology and remarkable rendition of images. Footage shot on the ARRI Alexa LF camera are displayed with stunning effects. We are pleased Samsung has recognised Alexa images as the highest quality to demonstrate their new displays.”

Moving forward, ARRI has revealed that the company will continue to work alongside Samsung to provide technical support in preparation, on-set, and post for productions that would like to utilise the full capabilities of the Onyx cinema screen.

Samsung has already installed two screens in South Korea, and one each in Zurich, Bangkok and Shanghai. The first US theatre to offer the technology will be in Los Angeles.


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