SEN selects Dejero EnGo to boost reliability of OB business unit

Multi-platform content and entertainment group, Sports Entertainment Network (SEN), has selected Dejero EnGo Mobile transmitter to build its outside-broadcasting (OB) business unit. Digistor, a system integrator, provides the customised solutions to empower the expansion.

The Dejero EnGo is known as one of the most durable and versatile mobile transmitters that is purpose-built for sending high-quality live video from remote locations. It utilises Smart Blending Technology to provide reliable connectivity for low latency live video. EnGo enables users to transmit high-quality live video with latency as low as 0.8 seconds while it intelligently combines multiple network connections in real-time for enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth capacity.

Part of the new SEN system revolved around stacking all of its encoders side by side and then developing some very clever software solutions that would work with the Dejero EnGo units to capture and lock together each signal in perfect sync as it returned to Melbourne.

Peter Morris, SEN’s Head of Production, explained: “We can now switch on all the Dejero units and they all feed into the SEN system perfectly synchronised. A great example of this working is the current 2020 WNBL basketball championships in Townsville.

“Here, we have five cameras sending back feeds to Melbourne via the Dejero EnGo units. We also have a live switch of the game at the location, and with our system, if there’s a failure, the game can also be switched remotely by a director in Melbourne.

“In other words, all the heavy ­– and expensive – lifting, including instant replays, editing live footage, graphics, operators and the machinery that goes with those functions, is all done back at the SEN Hub in Southbank. This makes the OB at the event efficient and cost effective.”

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