SES extends connectivity reach with new satellite launches

The addition of four O3b MEO satellites will enable SES to increase capacity with enhanced coverage to meet demand for high performance bandwidth

Four of SES’ new O3b Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites have been successfully launched into space by Arianespace on-board a Soyuz rocket, from the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana.

The new Ka-band satellites will join SES’ existing constellation of 12 MEO satellites, orbiting at approximately 8,000km from Earth. Built by Thales Alenia Space, the four new O3b satellites will enable SES to bring more capacity, enhanced coverage and increased performance to market. Furthermore, the additional capacity will enable SES Networks to cater to the growing consumption of bandwidth in the telecom, cloud, maritime, energy and government markets.

Steve Collar, CEO at SES Networks, and CEO designate of SES, said: “The demand for high-performance bandwidth and networks continues to grow and, as the only successful non-geostationary broadband system, we need these new satellites to fulfil demand across a wide range of verticals and applications.

“From connecting underserved communities and meaningfully transforming lives through improved broadband access to delivering satellite-enabled network services to ships, planes and government platforms, our O3b fleet offers performance and is driving our customers’ businesses forward.”
In addition to these four new satellites, SES has revealed that another four O3b satellites are scheduled to launch in H1 2019.

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