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Set for Infinity

At this year’s IBC, Brainstorm, a manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, is highlighting its latest development in rendering quality imagery, including real-time ray advanced graphics creation with enhanced workflows.

InfinitySet, the star at booth 7C19, will power the main demonstration while displaying advanced, photo-realistic augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality content in spectacular, engaging visual presentations.

The demonstration is a collaboration with Trackmen, an optical camera tracking solution, and Panasonic, which provides the Varicam LT and AW-UE150 PTZF cameras.

Being capable of hosting several technologies, hardware as well as software, InfinitySet becomes an ideal hub for complex broadcast environment.

Moreover, InfinitySet transcends the real-time broadcast boundaries by producing content for TV and film markets, thus becoming the de facto standard for real-time photo-realistic virtual production and high-end content pre-visualisation.

Besides, InfinitySet will demonstrate a new module to enhance presentations by creating advanced AR content using material from any presentation tool, such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF, and including keyed talents.

Ricardo Montesa, Brainstorm’s founder and CEO, declared: “In our 25th anniversary year, Brainstorm wants to highlight how a company focused on innovations can continue to excel year after year in the dynamic and ever-evolving broadcast market.

“So, continuing with our commitment to innovations, we will be showcasing amazing new solutions, products, features and workflows, along with partnerships with other manufacturers like FOR-A, Dalet and Panasonic, which will enhance our mutual operations.”




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