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Setting up of an advisory board to look for new NDI arenas?

Vizrt Group has announced the creation of an NDI Advisory Board that will harness the combined experience of a panel of visionary experts to support and steer the Network Device Interface as its adoption grows beyond the Media & Entertainment market. 

Dr Andrew Cross, inventor of NDI and CEO of Grass Valley, and Michael Hallén, CEO of Vizrt Group, are the founding members. At the moment the NDI Advisory Board is set to recruit four additional board members from a diverse range of disciplines and industries, including culture, academia and science to complete the group.

NDI is the most popular and most recommended video-over-IP technology in the broadcast industry and now the advisory board will assist in pioneering new NDI frontiers.

“Building on the fast-paced adoption rate in the Media & Entertainment space, the NDI Advisory Board has been set up to ensure that NDI’s growth continues to support the democratisation of video for anyone as it grows into new arenas,” said Hallén.  

“I am eager to see how NDI develops in the future,” Dr Cross added. “IP video is going to become even more critical, not just in broadcast and production, but to many new markets we have yet to explore. And I believe NDI is the best technology to drive such far-reaching change.”

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