Shotoku to show off new camera cranes

Shotoku Broadcast Systems, a provider of manual and robotic camera support, and virtual reality tracking, will introduce Graphica, its new series of manual virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) tracked camera cranes at IBC 2017.

The series is the result of Shotoku’s partnership with well-established crane manufacturer CamMate, known for its quality of engineering. The company will also showcase its popular SmartPed fully robotic XY pedestal, SmartTrack ceiling-mounted rail camera system, and Free-d2, a next-gen tracking system.

The Graphica Series, which was launched globally at NAB 2017 in April, blends the company’s superb VR technology with the engineering know-how of prestigious crane-maker, CamMate. The result is a range of manual VR/AR tracked camera cranes with industry-leading tracking capabilities in a portable package that is scalable, stable and, most importantly, repeatable.

Graphica calculates positional data output from embedded physical rotary encoders designed specifically for VR applications. Free of the jitters, external markers and area limitations often associated with other positional tracking systems, Shotoku encoders seamlessly process data via the SPI interface to provide real-time data output, in the studio or on location.

“Graphica’s overwhelmingly positive reception at NAB 2017 confirmed that it is the perfect solution for VR/AR applications ranging from studio use to outdoor events,” says Tony Hanada, managing director of Shotoku Corporation.

“Graphica rounds out our VR range and represents the best of CamMate, a respected manufacturer known for its dedication to quality performance, and Shotoku, an acknowledged leader in camera and VR/AR support. The series will allow customers and integrators to source any VR tracking solution from Shotoku, and provide them with the most advanced and reliable technology available.”

Other Shotuku solutions to be featured at the show includes:

  • SmartPed Robotic Pedestal, a fully robotic XY pedestal launched in 2016 and already embraced by some of the world’s most prominent broadcasting organisations. SmartPed addresses the creative and commercial demands of on-air environments with a cost-efficient and high-performance solution.
  • SmartTrack is a ceiling-mounted rail track camera system with full elevation control. Shotuku will demonstrate the system’s “amazing camera control” that can be achieved with a ceiling-mounted track/elevation system.

Following its great success in the unique “Glass Box” studio at Sky News UK, the ceiling-based SmartTrack has proved itself as a “truly revolutionary” high-end track-based systems, Shotuku adds.

The company will also show its Free-d2 Absolute Tracking System, a next-generation tracking system that does not require physical encoder devices attached to the camera support’s moving axes.

The Free-d2 system, which is ideal for VR/AR news, sports and current affairs live studio productions, uses advanced video-processing algorithms and simple ceiling markers to precisely determine the exact position and orientation of the studio camera, thus providing highly accurate and constantly referenced (absolute) position tracking.

Shotoku will also have its range of pedestals, height drives, pan/tilt heads and control systems for live studio productions in traditional or VR/AR applications on display at booth 12.E42.



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