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Silver Trak Digital wins Cinema Direct 5G – Australia award for second year in a row

The company also won in the Cloud-based Broadcasting Brand and Media Assets Portal – Australia category.

Winning the Innovation Award for Cinema Direct 5G – Australia in 2023, Silver Trak Digital has gone one further winning the same category for the second year in a row and doubling it by also winning the Cloud-based Broadcasting Brand and Media Assets Portal – Australia accoade for 2024.

Silver Trak Digital, an Australian-based company and a leader in media asset management and content delivery, has achieved significant recognition at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards 2024. The company triumphed in two key categories, with their Cinema Direct 5G (Cinema Direct) and cloud-based broadcasting brand and assets portal (“Media Room Connect”) demonstrating its dedicated approach to production and broadcasting content solutions.

Building on the award-winning Cinema Direct product, Silver Trak Digital unveiled its groundbreaking Cinema Direct 5G “Live Streaming” service in addition to rapid content delivery. Live streaming played a crucial role in broadcasting “Jewels,” a prestigious live ballet choreographed by the legendary George Balanchine and performed by The Australian Ballet. This service has been celebrated as Australia’s fastest, most secure, and robust method of delivering digital content and is now delivering live performances to cinemas capitalising on the 5G network. 

In partnership with Australia’s Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS), Cinema Direct showcased an innovative application of 5G technology, ensuring that the ballet was streamed with exceptional clarity and without latency, enabling accessibility to a broader audience nationwide.

The event, performed in Melbourne, Victoria, was experienced live across Australia, marking the 60th anniversary of The Australian Ballet. The live digital event utilised broadcast quality streaming with up to 50mb/sec, enhancing the visual experience with unparalleled sharpness and fluidity.

Alongside the success of Cinema Direct, Silver Trak Digital was also recognised for its development of Media Room Connect, a cloud-based broadcasting brand and assets portal, initially developed for a major Australian broadcaster. This sophisticated portal was tailored to meet the specific needs of the network client, enabling secure, selective sharing of pre-release video content whilst aligning with the brand’s guidelines. Replacing the broadcaster’s legacy system, Media Room Connect delivered a more advanced, secure, and user-friendly platform, meeting and exceeding the broadcaster’s expectations

Built from the ground up, the portal development incorporated and enhanced the best features of the existing platform, but added new technical attributes from Silver Trak Digital’s Media Room asset management platform, providing higher levels of security, better playback and delivery facilities, as well as a superior user interface for both client and viewer ease of use.

The new platform delivered greater content management features for direct upload, programme file collating and tagging, whilst vastly simplifying the management process for the broadcaster’s publicity team and viewer experience. Additionally, the platform added higher security features with DRM, dynamic watermarking and others, with capabilities to track viewer engagement and provide actionable insights.

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards, renowned for acknowledging innovation and excellence in the broadcasting sector, recognised Silver Trak Digital’s significant contributions in 2024. These accolades not only highlighted the company’s innovative spirit but also its effectiveness in revolutionising the way digital content is managed and delivered. 

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach, Silver Trak Digital has set new benchmarks in the broadcasting industry, proving its prowess in enhancing digital content accessibility and security.

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards recognises innovation and excellence in projects that advances the field of broadcasting in areas such as digitalisation and engineering. It showcases the remarkable activities of broadcast companies, as well as industry partners and vendors in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Asia Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards is presented by Asia Pacific Broadcasting+. To view the full list of winners, click here. If you want to join the 2025 awards programme and be acclaimed for your innovation and excellence in projects that advance the field of broadcasting in Asia, please contact Jane Patiag at awards@charltonmediamail.com.

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