Silver Trak sets up Media Rooms for NEP Australia

During the 2018 Commonwealth Games, NEP Australia delivered pre- and post-highlights of the multi-sport tournament to international broadcasters and rights holders via Silver Trak’s Media Room digital asset management tool

In the 12 months leading up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games held in Gold Coast, Australia, in April this year, NEP Australia assigned Silver Trak to set up individual Media Rooms offering media asset management, as well as delivery and distribution for each of the international and domestic rights holding broadcasters (RHB).

NEP, as part of its contract to deliver the host broadcast for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, required a video content delivery platform for sharing of pre-production and games-time video content to the contracted RHBs. For this project, NEP needed each Media Room ‘site’ to be able to be branded as NEP, be linked to the NEP host broadcast website, use a secure log-in, and be a user-friendly platform for NEP as the administrator and for their RHB clients.

Andrew Quinn, director of major events, NEP, explained: “Everyone who used the Media Room system also had to be able to review content in low-res, and have the ability to enable different levels of access, including access for users, the ability to notify RHBs of new content, and the tracking of downloads. Silver Trak and Media Room were able to meet all of NEP’s requirements without any customisation or operational delays.”

Before the commencement of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, NEP used Media Room to deliver RHBs video content from previous Games, along with Gold Coast City and Queensland Tourism promotional material and Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) video content from media events.

NEP also used the platform to deliver the pre-programming material used by RHBs to promote the Games. During the Games, the platform was used for the worldwide delivery of the daily highlight packages across the 12 days of the Games.

“Using Media Room eliminated the need for the satellite delivery and hand delivery of content as we’ve done in the past, and allow RHBs to have multiple people access the platform and use the platform as an archive for the content up until the end of the Games,” Quinn concluded. “This was a major plus and very efficient too. Media Room is a user-friendly, no-fuss platform that met the brief and provided far more added value than we initially realised was possible.”


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