Skills shortage hindering IP transition

New research from Snell Advanced Media (SAM) highlights IP transition gaining pace, although skills gaps still exist

Driven by the demand for improved flexibility and reduced costs of infrastructure through adopting open standards, a majority of businesses across Europe and North America will commence IP production projects in the next nine months.

According to SAM’s new Global IP Barometer study, 64% of Europeans and 56% of Americans will start IP production infrastructure projects within the next nine months, while 56% of Europeans and 50% of North Americans will move production workflows to IP within the next two years.

The main stumbling block, SAM reported, is media organisations currently lacking the necessary technical skills in-house to make a successful transition to IP. Just 36% of North American and 28% of European respondents believe they have the skills required to make the transition now; however, 69% indicated plans to bridge the skills gap by training current staff, while 22% plan to bring in specialist consultants to support the transition to IP.

The study, which is based on approximately 1,.000 respondents from media professionals primarily in Europe and North America, also revealed that adopting open standards is the most important consideration for IP infrastructure, with a working IP and SDI control system ranking a close second. Some 81% of respondents said they will adopt either a hybrid SDI/IP or pure IP approach to current infrastructure projects. Within this ecosystem, 31% of media companies are most worried about compromising the quality of production, while 27% ranked the cost of transition as their top concern.

While uncertainty remains over the best practices, knowledge and skills needed to make a successful transition, there should be no doubt that the broadcast and media industry is moving towards IP, said Said Bacho, chief business development and marketing practice at SAM.

He concluded: “2017 is set to be a big year for IP and the IP Barometer helps us understand how SAM can further support customers by greater investment in both customer and partner training, and education.”


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