combines replay system with Panasonic’s AK-HC5000

Production company TVSTART has adopted the integrated slow motion solution for live sports broadcast has integrated its Simple RII eight-channel video recording and replay server with Panasonic’s AK-HC5000 4x SuperMotion camera to provide broadcasters and production facilities with an “affordable slow motion solution”.

The Simple RII is a server-based system that enables the recording of video in its native standard with simultaneous replay of two clips with transition between them. Other features such as clip search and NLE marking are available during playback.

With the ability to record up to 266 hours of HD video, the Simple RII also features three graphics outputs for GUI (graphical user interface) multi-viewer and game analyser functions. It is also equipped with an intuitive user and control panel for ease of operation during live broadcast of sporting events.

The integrated slow motion solution has been employed by Moscow-based production company TVSTART for use at its facilities on a variety of live broadcasts, including European football matches, Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), basketball, volleyball and handball events across Europe.

Vladimir Shirokov, chief producer of TVSTART, explained: “Our first test of the Panasonic AK-HC5000 with’s new Simple RII server was during the European Cup Handball qualification and it fully convinced us that this combination is very well matched to our needs despite its modest price. It gives us the flexibility we need for live sports broadcasting.”


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